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Community Outreach

The Christchurch Rocketeers have come a long way from our conception in 2019.

We now offer Rocketry build workshops locally in Christchurch at Tūranga Library, free of charge thanks to the amazing support of the Library Learning Centres, ChristchurchNZ, and Asteria Engineering Consultancy.
These workshops allow members of the public to attend over one to two weeks after school, and design and build their own flyable model rockets!
These can then be launched at our monthly launch days with the purchase of a model rocket motor from us directly, or from hobby suppliers.

Our aim is to take these workshops on the road, primarily out to Low-Decile and Girl-Only schools, which have traditionally had low numbers transition into STEM based tertiary education or industries.

We welcome any further interest in our workshops and can tailor make these to suit varying levels of expertise, from around year 6, right through to School leavers and even tertiary education providers.

We are always on the lookout for Industry representation as well, whether that be as simple as a monetary grant to help material costs, or time involved to mentor students or give talks on industry experience.

In particular if you're a female engineer, especially so if you're aerospace related, we'd love to involve you in our workshops with Girl-only schools!

You can reach us via the Contact form below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can!

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